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Configuring Agent Channels

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Configuring the channels where you get alerted about and respond to user requests is a critical part of getting the most out of Helpdesk+

Adding to channels

  1. Navigate to the channel you want to use to support users
  2. Type @helpdesk
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Click the button Add to Channel

Select Agent Channel Type

  1. Locate the message How would you like to use HelpDesk+ in this channel?
  2. Click the Configure button in the Alerts Channel section

Configure request mapping in Slack

  1. Invite the bot to your channel with @helpdesk
  2. Choose Agent channel type OR If existing channel - type /helpdesk configure
  3. Choose your ticket types - choose one or more request types or all types from one or more service desks.
  4. Click Submit

Configure Displayed Fields

Configure the fields displayed in Agent alerts to provide the information your team needs.

  1. Type /helpdesk configure
  2. Click the configure button in the Fields to Show section.
  3. Choose the fields you would like to display
  4. Click the Submit button

Configure Alert Message Format

Select the message format that works best for your team.

  1. Type /helpdesk configure
  2. Choose a Standard or Extended in the Notification Format section.
  3. Click the Submit button

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Configure fields displayed in agent channel alerts

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