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Off Hours Support

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What to know

  • Off-hours support is available in support channels only.
  • You can set off hours behavior per channel.
  • You can specify On-hours (working day) times and days
  • You can specify different ticket creation behavior between both on and off hours
  • You can set a default auto-responder message to display regardless of on/off hours settings

How to configure

  1. Type "/helpdesk configure" in your support channel
  2. Click the configure button to access that channel's settings
  3. Click the settings button near "Off Hours Support"
  4. Click the checkbox to enable off hours support
  5. Set your teams working hours, timezone, and days. Off hours support is active outside of these times/days.
  6. Add the message you want sent to your users.
  7. Optional, configure support channel options for off hours mode

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