Technical Overview

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HelpDesk+ connects your team in Slack to your service desk software in Jira. Here's how it works from a technical perspective.

High-level summary

  1. Slack makes API calls to our services in AWS when events are triggered
  2. Our services make API calls to Slack to send messages, react to button clicks, etc
  3. Our services make API calls to Jira to read and write data
  4. We use OAuth flows

Initial Connections

  1. Add the bot to Slack and allow the required permissions to start the process
  2. Provide your Jira URL and connect to your Jira instance
  3. Create an application link in Jira (NOTE: This requires administrator permission)
  4. Complete the OAuth flow to allow access to the application link

Example Flow

This example shows you the process and API calls that occur to help you better understand the technical process.

Use Case: User sends a message to a support channel in Slack
  1. A User sends a message to a channel configured for automatic request creation.
  2. Slack sends a message to our systems based on the Events API
  3. We validate the message is from Slack using best practice
  4. Our system processes the payload by retrieving configuration data from our database.
  5. Our system makes a call to the Jira REST API to create the issue
  6. Our system makes a call to Slack to send a message to the channel to confirm the issue has been created.

Slack Communication

Jira / JSM Communication

  • Communication is API and webhook based
  • Jira sends data via webhooks to our systems
  • We make API calls to Jira over HTTPS with OAuth


Read more about our security here.

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