Setup a Jira service account

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What to know

  • End users need to connect their Slack and Jira accounts.
  • If not connected, the bot will perform actions as the person that setup the bot connection to Jira.
  • Service accounts are Jira accounts that are not tied directly to an individual user

Note: Atlassian sometimes makes other users re-auth if the "main" user is changed. It has to do with how the OAuth keys work with the APIs and not something we can control. If your instance acts this way then users will be asked to re-auth on their next action.

How to setup

  1. Create the Jira account
  2. Log out of your account, login to that account in Atlassian / Serer Instance.
  3. Go to
  4. Scroll down to the "main authorized user"
  5. Click "change"
  6. Authenticate as that user (make sure it is not logged in as you).

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