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Automatically create a request for each message

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Automatically creating a support request for each message in a channel is one way to make the process incredibly easy for your users.

What to know

  • Auto-create generates a support request for each message send to specific channels
  • The request type is configured in the channel settings
  • The request type used must have only one required field.
  • The configuration screen will automatically check for compatibility when you select the desired issue type
  • This configuration is at the channel level and different channels can have different configurations.

Example with Auto-Create enabled

Enabling Auto-Create

Enable auto-create to automatically create an issue for each message sent to your support channel.

Auto-Create only works when a single issue type is configured and the issue must have only required field.
  1. Click the Configure button - OR - type /helpdesk configure
  2. Choose a single request type
  3. Click the checkbox next to Auto Create
  4. Save the settings.

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Configuring Support Channels

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