Managing Unsupported Plugins by Blocking Issue Creation

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If you're utilizing plugins that aren't supported by our product, you may need to restrict certain issue types from being created through our solution. This feature enables you to make the most of our solution while still accommodating the unsupported plugins.

What to know:

This feature doesn't entirely prevent these request types; it simply stops you from creating new issues of these types. You can still set up agent channels for these issue types.

Block Issue Creation

  1. Go to the account portal
  2. Navigate to your Helpdesk+ settings tab
  3. Scroll down to the "Block Issue Creation" section
  4. Click "Add Configuration"
  5. Select a service desk
  6. Choose the request type you want to block and click "Submit"
  7. Save your settings

After configuration, this is what users will see:

Hiding Blocked Request Types:

When you toggle "Hide," it signifies that users won't see the issue type as an option when they're creating a new issue.

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