Approval Routing

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The HelpDesk + home tab provides the ability to approve any request that is assigned to you for review. Change Management in Slack can now easily be achieved with Slack notifications to approve requests.

Stay compliant by having trackable actionable notification and the ability to manage any type of request.

Approving requests from the HelpDesk+ home tab

  1. Navigate to the HelpDesk+ home tab
  2. Click the "View" button next to awaiting approvals (if any are listed)
  3. Click the "View" button next to the approval you want to review
  4. Review the request
  5. Click the "Approve" or "Reject" button
  6. Add any relevant comments to your response

Getting notified when requests require your approval

Users will receive a notification showing that a request is awaiting approval, which appears in the app home tab.

  1. Navigate to the Helpdesk+ home tab
  2. Click on the bot messages tab
  3. Click the "View" button next to the approval message
  4. Click the "Approve" or "Deny" button
  5. Enter an approval message (optional)
  6. Click "Submit"

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