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Create a new request

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Creating a support ticket from Slack is easy and we provide a number of ways to do this. The following sections outline each method.

Creating from the HelpDesk+ home tab

  1. Navigate to the HelpDesk+ Slack app
  2. Click the green Create button under "Create New Request"
  3. Search for the relevant request type
  4. Enter required (and optional) ticket details
  5. Click the green Go button to discuss your request with an agent
  6. Enter any additional information in the request thread
  7. Monitor the status of your ticket in the bot's Open Requests section

Creating from the Slack Global Shortcut

HelpDesk+ ticket creation is also available from anywhere inside Slack via the message-bar shortcut menu.

  1. Click on the Lightning Bolt to the left of the main Slack message box
  2. Search for the HelpDesk+ shortcut. Note: You only need to search for your shortcut if not already displayed.
  3. Create your request.

Creating from a message action

  1. Click the triple-dot menu to the right of any Slack message
  2. Click Create Support Request. Note: You can search for this action if not already displayed
  3. Create your request.

Creating from an emoji

  1. Use Slack to add a mapped emoji to a message. Note: Emojis are configured by your administrator.
  2. Your ticket is created automatically from your Slack message.
  3. View and manage your request.

Creating from the "/helpdesk" command

  1. Type /helpdesk in the Slack message bar. Note: This works in a channels, or direct messages.
  2. Create your request.

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