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There are several types of users in HelpDesk+

  1. Application Link User: This is the user who authorized the application link when setting up the connection. This user must have access to the projects in Jira and the ability to create web-hooks. This user will be treated as a "Fallback Agent" if one is not specified in the bot's system configuration.
  2. Fallback Agent (optional): This is a user that must have access to the projects that your users need to access in Jira.
  3. Agent: This is a user with a Jira login that has access in Jira to the project. When this user performs an action in HelpDesk+ we will always use this users credentials.
  4. Jira User: This is a user with a Jira login but does not have access to the project. When the user performs an action we will use users credentials when we can, and the "Fallback Agent" when we cant.
  5. Customer: This is a user with a service desk portal login only (no actual Jira account). Any actions taken in HelpDesk+ will be done by the "Fallback Agent".

Performing Actions

  • Create a Request: This can be done by either the agent user performing the action or the fallback agent. The reporter will always be set to the user who requested the ticket.
  • Comment, Transition, add Participant: This will be done using the users Jira account when possible, if the user is a customer it will always be done as the "Fallback Agent". A Jira user (read: non-agent) can only comment on a request if they are the requestor or set as a participant, if one of those cases match we will use the users account to add the comment, otherwise use the "Fallback Agent".
  • Assign: always as the user performing the action.

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