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Automatically remind users to create requests

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Automatically reminding users to create requests when they message your support channels is an easy way to enforce your process and make it easy for you users.

What to know

  • Auto-remind creates a threaded reply and reminds the user to create a support request
  • The request types available for the users is configured in the channel settings
  • This configuration is at the channel level and different channels can have different configurations.

Example with auto-remind enabled

Enabling auto-remind

Enable auto-remind to remind users automatically to create requests when they write your support team.

  1. Click the Configure button - OR - type /helpdesk configure
  2. Click the checkbox next to Auto Create
  3. Save the settings

Configuring the auto-remind message

  1. Click the Configure button - OR - type /helpdesk configure
  2. Click the Settings button under the Advanced section.
  3. Click the Configure button under the Auto Response Message section
  4. Add your custom reminder message.
  5. Click the Save button.

Formatting reminder messages with markdown

The text area used to add custom welcome messages accepts markdown formatting.

These basic visual styles are very simple to use:

  • _italic_ will produce italicized text
  • *bold* will produce bold text
  • ~strike~ will produce strikethrough text

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