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Billing FAQ

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Do I have to pay to try?

No, we offer a fully featured 30-day trial to all teams.

What access do I have on the free trial?

During your 30-day trial, you have access to everything that a premium subscription offers.

Can I pay via an invoice?

No, All transactions will be done through Atlassian Marketplace, unless you are a Self-Hosted Client. Please review the self-hosted document to determine if you need a self-hosted solution.

Not everyone in Slack uses Jira, can I pay for a per user subscription? 

Our pricing is based on your Jira instance. We utilize the Atlassian Marketplace to determine the count of active users. We have no ability to change the user count shown by the marketplace.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If purchased through Atlassian Marketplace, please follow the instructions via this link to remove an app from your Atlassian bill. 

Pre-existing clients who purchased our solution before the transition to marketplace can utilize our live chat feature to cancel a subscription.

You can see more information about our transition to the Atlassian Marketplace here.

What if I have less than 10 users? Is it free?


I have added new employees, what happens to my billing?

If your user tier grows in Atlassian, all apps in the marketplace match the new user count.

We need (Appfire) to complete a security questionnaire before we consider making a purchase.

Please review all our security documentation here: You can also reach out to our support team if you have questions around security practices that aren't covered by the security page.

If you need further evaluation, please open a support ticket.

Do you offer an enterprise version?

We have options for larger organizations with private servers and self-hosted clients. Contact us at to discuss your enterprise requirements.

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