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How to connect if Jira is behind a firewall

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Connecting to Jira behind the firewall is fully supported with HelpDesk+ and whatever set up you have there is a solution available for you.

What to know

  • If you CAN whitelist our IP addresses on your firewall you can use HelpDesk+ in the cloud
  • If you CAN'T whitelist you can self-host via docker with our enterprise edition solution.


When you whitelist our static IP address you are allowing API calls from our systems in AWS to connect to your Jira instance.

  • All communication is API based over HTTPS / SSL (encrypted)
  • We use OAuth to secure our API calls
  • All Jira permissions are respected automatically
  • We host with AWS in the East region by default but also offer localized hosting options.

Our secure cloud solution has been evaluated and confirmed to be SOC-II Type 2 and HIPAA compliant - learn more about our security.

Self-Hosting via Docker

If you can't whitelist and utilize our solution in the cloud you may be a good fit for our enterprise edition and docker container. This option is available as an add-on to our enterprise subscription plans.

  • Our software is in a docker container we help you install and configure internally
  • A master software agreement (MSA) is required to protect our IP in the docker container
  • No data is ever sent to HelpDesk+ and all support is done remotely

Please set up a meeting with us to discuss our enterprise edition solutions.

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