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Adding HelpDesk+ to Slack

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Get started with Helpdesk+ by adding the bot to your team in Slack.

Add to Slack

  1. Add the HelpDesk+ bot to Slack
  2. Click Allow in Slack to add HelpDesk+ to your workspace.

App Approvals

You may find that you are not able to add new apps to Slack based on your companies permissions settings in Slack. This setting is based on your Slack configuration - read about these settings within Slack here.

Suggestions for app approval

  1. Submit the request from within Slack (*if available for your team)
  2. Ask your Slack workspace owner to review HelpDesk+ and approve for your workspace.
  3. Share our security documentation and request our SOC-II or HIPAA reports.
  4. Book a meeting with us to discuss your needs
  5. Check out our reviews and share with your Slack admin.

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